MMO Addons

Star Wars: The old republic Reck Clean UI Addon


This is for a resolution of 1920x1080

This has all the companion bars hidden as well as a lot of the other stuff that doesnt need to be seen for pvp. All 4 action bars, player and target (+target of target), and mini map are towards the bottom middle of the screen. I just enjoy having the UI as clean as possible with a little clutter as possible so if you're the same way try it out.

Install help:
1.Download the file.
2.Extract it to C:\Users\(Yourusername)\AppData\Local\SWTOR\swtor\settings\GUIProfiles
3.Launch SWTOR.
4.Log into your Toon.
5.Click the "+" button on your main action bar.
6.Choose Reck.